Soapless Steel Soap
Soapless Steel Soap

Soapless Steel Soap

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åÊThis is one of our favourite kitchen tool hands down! Ever cook smelly foods and had the smell linger on your hands even after multiple scrubs? We're talking about garlic, onions and fish to name a few things.åÊWell, you're in luck because this soap will rid your hands of allåÊsmells, without any soap or detergent!

This magic steel soap binds molecules like sulphur and other odorousåÊbonded groups of atoms, effectivelyåÊtrapping all odors off your hands! For this very reason, it's used by professional chefs all over the world.

  • Works on almost all smelly smells that won't leave your hands easily
  • Even works onåÊchlorineåÊafter swimming!
  • Beautiful ergonomic design
  • Premium build

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