Cat Ukulele Beach Costume
Cat Ukulele Beach Costume

Cat Ukulele Beach Costume

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Get your cat summer-ready with this gorgeous outfit! This designer costume will bring tonnes of comfort and style to the little fluffball in your life. This cute outfit combines a cool summer beach top with an even cuter ukelele that will surely get your cat in the summer spirit! Oh and, also, the ukulele is actually playable!

  • Made of soft cotton to ensure maximal comfort
  • Super lightweight outfit
  • Playable working ukulele
  • Weighs 140g
  • See our size chart below:
Cat Outfit Size Cat Neck Circumference Cat Bust Size
Small Not Applicable 28 - 38cm
Not Applicable
35 - 45cm
Not Applicable
45 - 52cm
Not Applicable
52 - 60cm


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