About Us

Let's talk Disassembly.

What do we do?

Disassembly doesn't just lay down random products on its site. We handpick the best things from around the world and present them to you here. All of our products are in limited quantities. Once it runs out of stock, it runs out of stock. 

All we want to do is bring you the greatest, most incredible, most unique, most special products for the best possible prices. We are in contact with genius designers and master manufacturers all over the world, and we constantly strive to give you wonderful, inspiring, quirky and fantastic products that you can cherish and love. That is all we do. That is all we will ever do. 

How are our prices so low?

Our prices are so cheap because we go the extra mile to make sure that every superfluous cost is cut out of the equation. We do our best to trim all excesses in order to get you the best possible deal. The biggest example of this is shipping. Many of you may wonder why our shipping times are relatively long. By extending our delivery time by just a week, we can the cost of our products by up to a half. This means, that even though you may have to wait a couple days longer for your product, in the end, you pay less for shipping and even less for our fantastic goods! We think this is a great win-win situation for you! 

What's a Lucky Dip?

Due to the way some of the products are designed or manufactured, sometimes we are able to get you an even better price if you let us randomly decide on a few things, like colors or textures. You will still get a product of the exact same quality, only our computers will have picked the color for you.